DictaNet Workflow Recorder 9.08

DictaNet Workflow Recorder is a dictation recording studio
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DictaNet WF is composed of the Recorder, the Player, a Dictation Manager and the optional Workflow Manager. A microphone and playback set (headset and footswitch), preferably USB, are also required. DictaNet WF can be used in Windows 2000, XP or Vista 32-bit Business Edition.

The Recorder will digitally record dictations via the microphone and save them as audio files. A typist will then use the Player in conjunction with the playback set to type up the dictation. This procedure occurs across a local network, with file-sharing functionality built-in.

The Recorder digitally records dictations as audio files, shares them across a network, and can compress them in order to send and receive them via e-mail (e.g. to a typing pool or to the office when working from home). Additionally dictations can undergo automatic speech recognition and be converted into text, the speech-recognized document typically being sent with the original audio-file to the typist for correction. Unlike traditional analog recordings, there is an Insert function. Specific positions within a digital dictation can be marked and later instantly accessed, and passages can be cut, moved, deleted or copied easily and quickly.

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